About us

The Chief Executive, Mr. J. Subramanian worked in the Indian Navy as Diving Supervisor-cum-Diving Incharge from 1986 to 2001. While he was in Indian Navy Service, he has undergone training in the areas viz., Clearance Diver-3 in the year 1987, Navy Air Force Bomb Disposal in the year 1992, Leading Seaman Part-1 in the year 1992, Clearance Diver-2 in the year 1992 and Petty Officer Part-1/ Clearance Diver-1 (Diving Supervisor) in the year 1994.

Basing on the experience he gained in the Indian Navy, he started the firm under the name and style of M/s. J. Enterprises & Dives in the year 2004 with 14 supporting staff.

The above company is specialised in Under Water Gland Packing, Inspection of Propeller Shafts & Crafts, bow-thruster , Sea chest, all inlets Salvaging, Survey, Demolition, Construction of Dam-site works, De-silting, Underwater Cutting and Welding, Underwater Photography/Videography, Pipeline laying and removing and all kinds of underwater works.